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Institutional Services

Institutional Trading and Execution in Equities

We use state of the art OMS/EMS to engage in the US market trading. ARCA Capital has access to the latest and most in demand third party execution strategies available today. We offer our clients direct connectivity via FIX at no additional cost as well as competitive execution rates. Program and Basket Trading, positioning and pairs trading can be supported. We are able to provide a high level of execution coverage to satisfy your best execution needs.

Institutional Trading and Execution in Fixed Income

ARCA provides our clients with a comprehensive institutional sales and trading presence across the fixed income universe. We provide access to a large breadth of products coupled with best execution in Emerging Markets, High Grade and High Yield Corporate and Sovereign Bonds as well as U.S Domestic Debt. Our platform provides for an efficient and effective solution for execution in Fixed Income, while providing customized investment solutions for investors.