ARCA Capital Investments, Inc. (ARCA) is a fully disclosed introducing broker-dealer, registered in California, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Massachusetts, New York, Oklahoma, Puerto Rico, and Texas providing investments and customized trading strategies for private, corporate, and institutional clients. We provide perspective and focus on the LATAM fixed income markets. With a corporate viewpoint of “Global Focus, Local Reach”, ARCA Capital Investments, Inc. is an independent broker-dealer with a strong institutional fixed income desk and an active retail brokerage unit, providing financial services expertise to high net worth individuals, institutional customers, and family offices.


A cornerstone of financial planning is the recognition that everyone’s economic and life situation is unique. Personalized service is essential when matching clients with the right financial products and services. A commitment to professionalism and the cooperative development of unique, personal goals for each client forms the foundation of any strong financial plan.